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About Bill Bailey

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Bill Bailey Matterport Photographer

Bill Bailey

Just a little background on me. Having resided in California most of life I spent more than 15 years in the beautiful state of Alaska, 6 of which was in the Air Force. I owned and operated a successful photography business in Alaska for 5 years (1994-1999) called Northern Exposure Photography of Alaska. We traveled quit extensively throughout the state providing portraiture services to dozens of outlying remote Eskimo communities. After selling my business I packed up and moved to warmer climates back to California finally settling in Arizona. Bought a home, married a beautiful young lady from the land down under and doing my best to keep under control our other family members - 4 dogs and a turtle. Wanting to venture back into photography I was lured to the fascinating world of panoramic photography. From showcasing homes through the use of Virtual Tours to showing off personal panoramas from holidays, weekend getaways and camping trips. At least that was the plan.
Venturing into panoramic photography required special gear. After careful research and study I ended up buying a Nodal Ninja panoramic tripod head direct from Nick Fan the inventor and manufacturer. After a few back and forth e-mails we learned we each shared the same entrepreneurial passions so we ended forming a business relationship that has grown Fanotec and Nodal Ninja into a global leader in panoramic equipment. Nodal Ninja operates under Bill Bailey, LLC.
Keeping abreast of the latest technologies in this genre we were very excited to learn about the new 3D Matterport. Not only were we impressed but everyone shown the results of this technology were equally impressed – everyone seemed to want it. Being an entrepreneur at heart I decided to get in on the ground floor of this emerging market so we officially formed Circular Worlds LLC. We now have multiple cameras and 5 staff members well trained in the use of the 3D Matterport Camera and its controlling software application. We’ve quickly grown to become Arizona's largest and “only" dedicated 3-D Matterport Virtual Tour Company. Our goal is to provide virtual tour service to clients throughout the Phoenix Valley with reach to Tucson in the south and Flagstaff to the north.

This brings us full circle to Circular Worlds LLC.

CEO Circular Worlds LLC |
CEO Bill Bailey L.L.C. dba Nodal Ninja |
3454 N. San Marcos Pl. #9, Chandler, AZ 85225
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