Sample Commercial uses:

  • A newly opened or renovated business wanting their new storefronts updated on GSV.
  • Create a time stamp on construction projects.
  • A new subdivision opens up and the developer wants a GSV of all the new roads leading to the new builds.
  • Gated communities might want to have their streets included so guests might more easily find and locate a specific unit.
  • Large apartment complexes with a labyrinth of parking areas.
  • Mapping large parking areas for event traffic.
  • Foot tours of larger venues (wineries, public farms, diaries, and much more).

The needs are limitless especially when you start to add in Governmental, Archival and Historic needs.  Envision your workplace and envision the value of being to walk or drive capturing high-resolution data every 12 feet. Archive this data for private use or share it for the world to see.