We are the “first” to offer Google Street View high-resolution data capturing services using the iSTAR Pulsar here in Arizona. An 11K resolution, 14ft spacing, hosted by Google Maps.

Sample Pricing:

Updated storefront: $100
Normally front side only but if requested we can drive both sides of the street, and back alley.

Stripmall Store Fronts, Gated Communities, RV Resorts: $100 per 1/4 mile

Golf Cart Pathways (must provide use of a golf cart):

  • 9 holes: $900
  • 18 holes: $1,500
  • 36 holes: $2,000

Includes publishing to Google Street Views viewable on Google Maps. Published views are lifetime unless replaced by higher resolution imagery. Currently, iSTAR is highest resolution non-google data capturing device available today. Google will automatically blur faces and license plates, however, every client as the right to request custom blur on any object after the publishing has been completed. For more information please read “Google-contributed Street View Privacy Policies” – click here