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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Matterport Space?
    A Matterport Space, or 3D Space, is a complete three-dimensional representation of a space, which lets you “walk” through the space to experience it as if you were there.
  2. Q: What do I need to view Matterport models?
    Most current computers running the latest version of Windows or OSX, and the latest version of Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer can view the Matterport Showcase. There have been some issues reported with Chrome.  We recommend Firefox for Android mobile.  Any viewing problems are usually resolved by confirming both the operating system and browser are up to date.
  3. Q: Will your photographer prepare the area prior to shooting?
    A: Somewhat. The photographer will open and close blinds as needed as well as turn on and off lights. The area should be clean, staged and in presentable position. First impression is a powerful tool, and a clean well staged home will appeal to buyers. Ceiling fans should be off. We live in Arizona and we would ask you leave the AC on prior to photographer arriving.
  4. Q: Do you shoot closets and bathrooms and laundry rooms?
    A: Bathrooms and Laundry rooms typically yes unless too small. We generally do not shoot inside closets unless it is large walk-in closet, approx 100sf or more, or if specifically requested.
  5. Q: Our home is on lock box - can you get in?
    A: Yes and No - We have a licensed Real Estate agent/Matterport Photographer which can do shoots more on the East side. Most of the time we do ask however that the home owner or agent be present to let us in. We can lock up after the shoot.
  6. Q: Do you offer volume discounts?
    A: Yes. - please inquire here.
  7. Q: How long a does a shoot take?
    A: We take many more scans that others and typically 45 minutes to 1.5hrs per 1,000 sq ft. Much depends on the layout, furniture, number of floors etc. We prefer to estimate jobs at 1.5hrs per 1,000sf.
  8. Q: Do you shoot exteriors such as the backyard or pool areas?
    A: Yes and No. The Infrared technology behind Matterport doesn't allow for shoots outdoors in direct sunlight. Depending on lighting conditions we do know a few tricks that "may" allow us some success in shooting outdoor spaces. Here is a sample outdoor backyard. We can also shoot 360 outdoor spaces which are not part of the Matterport model and viewable in highlight reel.
  9. Q: Can I host the tour on my company's website?
    A: No. Hosting is held exclusively on the Matterport servers. We give you a full 5 years of hosting (unless property is sold).
  10. Q: What if I do not like the Matterport Tour?
    A: Every effort will be made to create a smooth clean and well laid out virtual tour. We ask that you visit our Gallery to better understand what to expect from the image quality itself. Please visit our pro's and con's web-page as well.
  11. Q: Can you edit the tours?
    A: There is limitation to what we can edit after a tour us created. We can cut lines to define outside areas and delete scans if needed. We cannot edit the actual imagery itself.
  12. Q: Will you shoot the garage or work shed?
    A: Yes and No. We typically scan the "livable" area of the home which is the square footage the home is based on. This is also the "billable" square footage we base our fees from. Any extras such as patio's attached garages etc. are considered as extras - please review our rate sheet for pricing.
  13. Q: Do you do twilight shoots?
    A: Yes - please review our rate sheet for pricing.
  14. Q: Do you provide for quality DSLR images while at the shoot.
    A: Yes - we do have 2 photographers on staff with professional grade equipment that can provide this service - please review our rate sheet for pricing.
  15. Q: What sets you aside from others?
    A: Experience, knowledge, passion and constantly striving for the perfect model. We know how to produce the absolute best model this technology has to offer. We do not compete against pricing - we compete with quality and feel we are one of the best in the business.


    "First Impression is a Powerful Tool"