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What Matterport Does Not Tell You


Matterport touts its 3D Matterport Technology as easy to use as 1- Scan, 2 - Upload, 3 - Share.
BUT "the devil is in the details". There are many 1-2-3 Matterport Photographers buying cameras only to find it challenging to create attractive and appealing results. As a result Matterport cameras end up sitting on shelves or winding up on eBay. For the client - they got what they paid for and now have to chance up acceptable resolution.

Breaking down the 1-2-3:

1 - Scan:
Matterport says:
Most people learn to use our camera in under 15 minutes. Scanning a typical apartment takes 30 minutes.
More than pushing a button and letting it go. Our preparation begins before the photographer even sets foot on the property, When we arrive we know about different types of lighting, and what to turn and what lights are better turned off. We know the best paths to take and always thinking of how the end product will look during the shooting to ensure optimal paths are created for the walk-through experience. Matterport supports models up to approx.10,000sf or 200 scans - shooting spaces larger than this is certainly doable but requires special knowledge and techniques.

2 - Upload:
Matterport says:
With the push of a button, upload your data to our Cloud where it is automatically processed and returned to your account as a complete, immerse 3D Space. No post-processing or manual work necessary.
Technically this is true however there is a great deal of post production work that is required before uploading, and after the model in processed. And you have to know "precisely" where, when and how to mark features. This is where most models fail. The novice often find themselves wondering why their finished models might show a bathroom in the living room or why walls appear out of nowhere. Or they might experience walking into the dreaded "invisible wall" making it impossible to enter a room with an open door. Worse yet they might loose wifi connection with the camera and being unable to reconnect to camera they leave a job incomplete. Preparing model for experience with VR Headsets - all part of post production and needs to be done prior to processing if this feature will be used.

3 - Share:
Matterport says:
Grab an embed code for use on your website, or include a link in your preferred MLS. You can even enhance your Spaces with in-Space annotations, Schematic Floor Plans, and conversion for use in virtual reality.
You can easily send clients the "wrong" links. All Matterport tours are hosted on Matterport servers. Only two links are provided to the client - branded and unbranded. Models have actually "broken" on the Matterport servers only to leave customers with dead models. Models being shared through the collaborative portal raises up privacy concerns. And you'll have to learn how to use and share all the custom URL add-on codes.

Is it worth it?

Matterport Camera = $4500
iPad = $500
Tripod, carry case, misc = $250
Total Investment = $5,250
Matterport Proprietary Hosting (a requirement) $49min - $149+ month.
Other things to consider:

  • Warranty on Camera only 1 year.
  • If dropped or heavily jarred the camera should be sent back for re-calibration - est cost could easily exceed $350.
  • Downtime for repairs or recalibration 3-6 weeks.
  • You cannot "scan" outdoor spaces.
  • Time to shoot a property is approximately 30-45min per 1,000sf "if" space s shoot ready.. Larger Matterport tours could easily take half to full day to complete.
  • Tech Support - if something goes wrong or you have a question it'll take 1-2 days going through standard support channels. There are no direct support lines for immediate assistance.
  • Re-shoots - odds are stacked against you from the onset but don't be surprised if your model fails and a re-shoot is needed.
  • Newer Tech - other companies are racing to launch similar technologies so any investment you make in Matterport equipment may be short lived.

Comment: Over the last couple years I have personally viewed well over a thousand Matterport models created by others and found more than 90% contain errors of some sort. Unfortunately these substandard models are popping up everywhere which not only reflects poorly on the technology but is forcing down pricing from the one man shows. We aren't perfect but we certainly strive to produce the absolute best model this technology has to offer. We have a large investment in equipment and combined with our experience, knowledge, and passion places us forefront in the industry. This is what we do, we love to do it, and we do it very well. With 6 trained Matterport photographers we are Arizona's largest and only dedicated 3D Matterport provider.

Bill Bailey CEO

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