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Meet the Team

No other company in Arizona has as many Matterport Photographers. This allows us greater flexibility in scheduling shoots.

Creating 3D Matterport Virtual Tours is much more than pushing a button and moving a camera. Our photographers are proficient in the use of the 3D Matterport Camera and capture software. Being one of the first in the valley to adopt this new technology, and with thousands of scans under our belt, we know what we're doing and we do it very well. Much of the work we do is overflow work from other companies. All our models are guaranteed to be "error" free.


Bill - CEO - 3D Matterport Photographer

  • Bill is CEO and also lead Matterport Photographer on the team. He has several years of experience in not only photography but in Panoramic photography as well. His other business, Nodal Ninja, is leader in the industry for the sales and distribution of panoramic equipment. Bill is also on the judging panel of the International Pano Awards - a yearly contest dedicated to the art of panoramic photography. Because of Bill's experiences he has a keen eye to detail, composition and lighting which is taught to the other Matterport Photographers. More on Bill's company profile can be read here


Kim - Real Estate Broker/Agent - 3D Matterport Photographer

  • Kim runs her own brokerage at She is also a licensed Real Estate agent with Supra Lock Box access. Kim not only offers free 3D Matterport Tours to her clients but she also works with us on jobs that require lock box access. Her experience in the filed as an agent shows when she shoots Matterport Tours. She too as keen eye when it comes to properly showcasing a home.
Kim - Matterport Photograher


Daryl - Vice President - 3D Matterport Photographer

  • Daryl is the newest member to the Matterport team. As Circular Worlds VP and 3D Matterport Photographer he brings a great deal of value to the team. He will oversee all accounts ensuring clients needs are meant as also doing many shoots. Like many of us Daryl has had a lifelong interest in photography. He has owned and operated some very successful businesses in his career with central focus always being customer care. Daryl is semi-retired and highly energetic. He manages two part time jobs - one with us as VP and the other with his business Portside Promotions meeting the promotional needs of his long time customers.


Rob - 3D Matterport Photographer

  • Rob is an Australian and has enjoyed photography all his life and has nearly 10 years of experience in panoramic photography alone. He is a world traveler and has taken thousands of panoramas from Asia to Australia to Iceland and several points around Europe. He is also an artist and designs and creates unique glass art pieces. Rob's passion and creativity is a welcomed skill set when it comes to Matterport Photography.


Lisa - Account Manager - 3D Matterport Photographer

  • Lisa has a passion for photography, hiking, seeing new places, and learning new things. If she is able, she will be on some mountain trail at sunrise or sunset trying to get that perfect shot. She has visited all parts of the Valley of the Sun to capture Matterport Tours for our real estate clients. She has a keen eye for detail and will create the best possible tour for you too. She is available to go outside of the Phoenix area for our Matterport clients as needed.


Thuy - Billing - 3D Matterport Photographer

  • Thuy (Twee) is office manager for our sister company Nodal Ninja has learned the ins and outs of panoramic photography as well as 3D Matterport Photography. She is excited to be part of our team and shares in our passion of shooting 3D Matterport Tours.