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Phoenix 3D Matterport Uses

3D Matterport tours are widely popular with residential real estate however this technology can be very useful in other markets as well. Below we have listed more market segments using the 3D Matterport technology.

  • Home Owners:
    You don't have to be buying or selling to have a 3D Matterport Tour. Use a Matterport tour to show family and friends your new home or recent remodel. Use it yourself to help visualize future projects. We can scan the man cave, basement, workshop, RV garage, barn or guest house.
  • Rental Market:
    With literally thousands of rentals on the market the search by a prospective renter begins online. Listings that show Dollhouse as well as Floor Plan views provide the client valuable visual tools. We have special rates for smaller apartments and properties under 1,000 sf. Rental properties markets include:
    • Vacation Homes
    • AirBnB Rentals
    • VRBO Listings
  • Commercial Real Estate 3D Matterport Tours:
    Prospective Lessee's can easily walk though an office space or warehouse. The Dollhouse and Floor plan views are valuable tools for measuring and determining placement of office furniture, warehouse shelving. More and more property management companies and commercial property brokers and even Loopnet are displaying 3D Matterport tours on their listings.
  • Construction and Remodels:
    This is a rapidly growing segment in the market. Contractors and architects are quickly learning the usefulness of this technology. The photogrammetry capabilities of the 3D Matterport camera allows contractors and architects to share the progress of their builds with their clients. A client can view the framework, size up walls and windows, and even share notes on the model itself.
  • Architectural Engineering:
    Explore and measure existing building structures for possible renovations.
  • Historical or Heritage Sites:
    3D Matterport Cameras provide the tools to record and document every square foot of a historical building.
  • Hotel Industry:
    Show the rooms as they really are and how they are laid out. 3D Matterport Tours show the actual furniture and beds inside a room.
  • Resorts:
    With the Matterport 3D Dollhouse view and 2D Floor Plan views potential customers get a birds-eye view of the property, great for finding the pool, gym, restaurant, or bar.
  • Retail Stores:
    Customers can actually walk up and down the aisles to access different areas of the store.
  • Insurance Adjusters:
    3D Matterport Tours give an insurance claim adjuster the needed tools to document damage from storms, fires, or other mishaps. They can easily measure up walls and ceilings and take before and after property scans.
  • Home Inspectors:
    The home inspection phase in buying a home is very critical. Valuable tools from the Matterport allow an inspector to document the entire property interior.

Our 3D Matterport service is an extremely valuable resource across many market segments. If you have any questions please give us a call - 480-659-9899